About MetroHealth HMO

MetroHealth HMO Limited is a Health Maintenance Organization which has been established with the objective of becoming the HMO of choice for corporate entities and all subscribing enrolees, who want good quality healthcare accessed through a technology enabled platform that will enhance the whole customer experience. The platform has been configured towards administering efficient patient centred services.

Our focus is on quality and service delivery, ensuring prompt, personalized and seamless quality healthcare support services to our clients, both young, middle age and old.

Technology drives our operations as it undergirds our operational efficiencies and provides access to timely data which is beneficial to both providers and enrolees.  Several technology portals are made available through controlled access for enrolees to view and manage their health data, and for providers to submit and receive payment for services delivered.

We offer pre-paid, comprehensive health care coverage at affordable rates to our clients.

MetroHealth is capitalized as required by National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and has been accredited as a “National” HMO (N. H. I. S. Registration Number 077).

Our Mission

Driven by a focus on people, technology and processes, our mission is to provide evidence based healthcare to our enrolees which we will realize by establishing the highest standards in quality, prompt service and reliability with our partners and associates.


To become the leading HMO in the West African sub-region by providing our customers and the communities we serve with seamless care and unmatched service.