In addition to the MetroMini, MetroMidi and MetroMaxi, we also have a product called the Metro-Preferred Provider Plan (MetroPPP). This product is provided by a group of providers who have been identified and selected based on their distinctive competences and infrastructure.  The product itself is a robust bouquet of services which comprises primary care, secondary care, minor, intermediate, major and complex major surgeries, ante natal care, delivery and special care of neonates, management of chronic illnesses, Intensive care/high dependency unit (HDU) care, cancer care and management and in-built client management process to fast-track appointments.  All these will be available at the under listed hospitals. The minimum population size that can be enrolled per company is 25 persons. A bespoke quote will be made available on request. The list of providers in the network in Lagos State is set-forth below.  In due course, this service will be expanded to Abuja, Warri, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Kano.